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 How to move AceMoney to new computer?


The new secure AMJ format only allows sharing of the files (that is, using on another computer) when user specifically permitted it on the computer where the file was created. To do that, please click Tools->Options->Password, then tick the "Allow Multi-user access" box and select a password (how short is your choice).

This option will now allow sharing of the file with other users who know the password. The benefit of secure AMJ file format is that if the file is left carelessly on the internet (which happens), the financial information of the user is safe.

More information is available here:

After you have enabled sharing, follow these steps:

1. Run backup procedure and then move your .amj file to the new system.
2. Uninstall AceMoney from the old computer.
3. Install the latest version on the new system.
4. Enter the serial number which you should already have.
5. Open your old data file using File->Open and then select "Load last file during startup" checkbox under Tools->Options if you want to have the file opened automatically each time you start AceMoney.

Note: if you are still using an older version of AceMoney (using .mmw file format), you don't need to add a password to the file. Also, you will not find the sharing option in the old version, so no need to tick anything.

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