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 General questions
       "Server responded with error 2" error
       Unable to download from PNC bank
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 Install, upgrade and registration
       How to move AceMoney to new computer?
       I lost my license and no longer have a serial number, help!
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 Data migration from the other software
       I cannot get rid of the sample data file. How to start from scratch?
       How to import transactions from Microsoft Money?
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 Import from QIF, OFX and CSV files
       Can I download transactions from my bank directly to AceMoney?
       Can AceMoney open QIF or OFX files directly from the web site without downloading and importing manually?
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 Account balancing
       How to balance an account?
       My account uses one currency, but the totals are displayed in USD. Can this be changed?
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 Tracking credits, loans and mortgages
       How to track credit cards?
       How to track mortgage payments?
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       Where can I configure my budget limits?
       I see Income and Expense radio buttons for every category. Does it mean that if category is marked as expense I can't record income using it?
 Entering transactions
       What's the difference between Uncleared, Cleared and Reconciled flags?
       I see an 'S'-column in the transactions screen. What's normally in that column?
       My stocks or mutual fonds are not known to AceMoney. How can AceMoney download them?
       How to add a stock with some cost base?
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 Working with AceMoney on a mobile device
       How can I setup automatic synchronization between AceMoney and AceMoney for Pocket PC?

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How do I move Ace Money to my new computer?
Please follow these steps when moving your AceMoney to your new computer: 1. First of all, you need to make your AceMoney data file (.amj) openable on other computers. To do so, go to Tools->Optio...
Article rated 3.2/5.0
Paste license code does not work
You are probably using  WebRoot SecureAnywhere as your antivirus program. Please disable the program before pasting the number, and then re-enable.
Article rated 2.9/5.0
Ace Money crashing
If you are running AVG antivirus, please add AceMoney as an exception, and restart your computer.
Article rated 2.7/5.0
How the Gain and %Gain is calculated in the investment portfolio?
It calculates the cost of purchase for shares currently owned (adding all buy transactions) and compares it to the current market value. If you sold any shares in the meantime, they are not accounted ...
Article rated 3.8/5.0

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