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 Category: Account balancing

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Why is account balance on the main page (account list) different from the balance on the account page?
You may have purchased investments associated with that account. If that's the case, AceMoney added value of these investments to your account balance on the main page. Account page only shows a cash ...
Article rated 2.8/5.0
Why are values in the Total column out of order and don't have mathematical sense?
Most likely you are sorting transactions by something other than Date. Running totals only make mathematical sense when transactions are sorted by date. These values are tied to the specific transacti...
Article rated 2.9/5.0
My account uses one currency, but the totals are displayed in USD. Can this be changed?
Yes. The totals on the main page are always displayed in the default currency. Default currency can be changed at any time in Tools->International Settings.
Article rated 3.3/5.0
How to balance an account?
Account balancing (or Reconciliation) is based on transaction lifecycle which is defined by transaction states. Every transaction has three states (statuses): uncleared, cleared and reconciled. The fi...
Article rated 2.6/5.0

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